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Passion Rekindled – Elk Hunting's Power
Jon Silks

To this day I can recall the images that would run through my mind as a young bowhunter any time the topic of elk hunting would come up. One indelible fantasy in particular was of a huge bull high on a hillside with his rack laid back, letting out a bugle that ripped through the frosty morning air pushing a cloud of breath ahead of him. Did I see it in a movie or did I see a picture in a magazine and added the animation with my imagination? Not sure, but it was a powerful video that replayed often in my dreams. Between that and the real life adventures of hunting the first day of the whitetail season with my dad and grandfather in Pennsylvania I had all the fuel needed to drive my passion for bowhunting.

Elk hunting would not become a reality for me until age 37 when I took a trip into the wilderness of Idaho's Challis National Forest with friend Dave Conrad. We hunted the very first week of the season and there were zero bugles in the air. It was a lesson in humility and we weren't much of a threat to the local heard! Before smoke from a wild fire drove us off the mountain I learned a lesson about being on top of my game at all times when hunting elk and NOT walking across open meadows! I can hear Dave now…"I told you so!"

Finally, during 6 days in September of 2013 my second ever elk hunt turned out to be more than what I had ever expected – much more. You could even describe it as spiritual. It changed my outlook and reinvigorated my love of hunting like nothing I have experienced before. It was downright surreal. Click Here to Read More...

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